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I'm a journalist and  girls live web chat this was about five years ago. I was working in the government with a lawyer in his fifties. He was Argentine, handsome, half hairy, Arabic style. From the moment he arrived at the Undersecretariat where I worked, he looked at me and I realized what a wave there was. On a Friday in November, the office was almost empty and there was only the secretary, some girls from the photocopier, him and me. He approached my desk and asked for a lighter. I laughed, passed him my lighter and when I asked him if he wanted to go to the terrace to smoke, he told me that he doesn't smoke but that this was the only excuse he could think of to talk to me. We talked for a while and he asked me about the bathroom. When we were almost across the screen, he grabbed me and pushed me toward the W.C. He closed the door and gave me the middle berth. Until that minute all I knew about him was that his name was Facu, that he lived in Buenos Aires and that

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